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Pre-Show Advertising
On screen advertising delivers an important audience with discretionary income and allows precise geographic and demographic targeting.  ShowBiz Cinemas screens are available for a variety of advertisements.  Your message can be seen locally or by national audiences.  Whether you are a business, a corporation or an individual, make your marketing dollars seen and heard.

In-Theatre Signage
Your company can stand out with in-theatre signage.  Advertising with standees, counter cards, static clings, posters, buttons, mirror danglers, banners and more can reach potential customers in a unique way. 

Product Sampling & Coupon Distribution
Let your potential customers try before they buy and distribute your product in a receptive environment.  Coupons can either be tied to your product giveaways as our customers leave the theatre or given out during ticket purchases.

For advertising inquiries, please call National CineMedia at 800.727.3361 or contact them by CLICKING HERE.


Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast in Disney Digital 3D